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C.H.A. Group

Management Team

Charles Y.D. Hon

Founder & president - C.H.A. Hongkong

Mr. Hon has guided the growth and development of the company and is actively engaged in the daily operations.  He has over 30 years of experience in global apparel sourcing and supply chain management.

Eva Chen

Co-founder -C.H.A. Hangzhou,China

General Manager -C.H.A. China and Vietnam

Ms. Chen opened the office and factory of Hangzhou,China in 1999 and she is the General Manager of C.H.A. group office in Hang Zhou, China.  Ms. Chen has successfully developed it into an excellent sourcing base for the company in northern China.Ms. Chen manages a staff of 50 merchandising, QC, product development and traffic professionals.  Ms. Chen is also responsible for managing the operations of the 200 employee manufacturing facility in China.

C.H.A. Hangzhou developed our vietnam office and factory in 2017 and manage them successfully .Then clothing production can both in China and Vietnam.

Ivy Zhang

Merchandising Team - C.H.A. Shenzhen,China 

Ivy are capable merchandisers handling all sweater productions in the Southern Canton Province, China. 

Jimmy Ronon

Vice President Business Development.

Jimmy is as results oriented apparel production executive with unwavering focus on quality, cost and delivery. An effective and forward thinking leader.

Jimmy builds organizational agility and longstanding relationships that ensure competitive advantage in today's challenging retail environment.

Hai Yen Le

​Leader -QC team C.H.A. Vietnam.

The fabric imported from C.H.A. china.

Production and export-related from C.H.A. Vietnam.

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