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Strap and Latch

Traditionally categorized as “accessories”, Strap & Latch believes bag straps have transformed into a staple item of any bags we carry.  We observe and understand the growing demand for stylish yet functional bag straps and decide to start this venture to meet the needs.


The idea landed with our founders who are bag lovers when they observed the amount of waste the fashion industry has been producing to the environment over the years and thought of how consumers could give old pieces a second chance.  With that, Strap & Latch strives to promote sustainability by encouraging bag lovers to refresh their bag looks with our collection of chic, versatile and affordable bag straps.


To continue with the theme of sustainability and waste reduction, we minimize any unnecessary packaging such as tags, paper receipts, etc. when delivering our products to clients.  Our products will however be placed in a linen pouch that is designed to fit and store our S&L straps which makes it a great gift.


Check out our straps here and latch on!


P.S.: We also understand everyone is special and has different preferences.  If you would like to customize your strap, including length of the strap and color of the buckle, please let us know and we will do our best to cater that.

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